Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tera's Five -- Traveling Light

Exciting things are on my horizon. In a couple weeks I will be starting off on a multi-week travel adventure that will take me to New York, across Canada, down to San Francisco, and then on to Houston for a conference. That's a long trip, many different activities, and a variety of climates.

My first instinct was to pack a lot. I'd need professional clothes for New York and Houston, comfortable clothes for travel days, warm clothes for Canada's cold climate, and decent-looking clothes for sightseeing. All that packing would mean a lot of shopping.

But then I realized how hard it would be to travel with all that stuff. And how much all that stuff would cost. And would having three sets of professional clothes and hiking boots really make my trip that much more memorable? Only if I want to remember the hernia I get from lugging my bags around.

So, in keeping with my Five ideals of Wiping Out Waste, Making the Little Things Count, and Going Green, I've decided to minimalize my packing.

  1. I ordered a new, ultra-light, carry-on-sized suitcase that doesn't waste a single ounce.
  2. I limited my clothing shopping to the absolute necessities: new underthings, an all-purpose fleece jacket, and a pair of perfect booties that are comfortable, fashionable, and look just as cute with jeans as with a dress.
  3. I also ordered a new netbook computer with a full-sized keyboard, since I'll have to write and work a lot on the road, but my old netbook is not going to waste. My parents will be (re)using it at trade shows for their business.
  4. I'm taking my trusty Sony digital camera, despite the lure of buying a smaller, lighter, more advanced one. It still takes great pictures.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that, despite the lure of the shopping mall, I'm keeping my trip preparations to the minimum. Other than the above, I'm only taking items I already have. And all my purchases are solid investments that I'll use for years to come.

Are you Living Your Five?


  1. Wow, that is one tough trip to pack for--but you're doing it right!
    I think the shoes are always the hardest part for me, making sure they have dual purpose but are still cute enough to want to wear!

    Have a fun trip!

  2. I love this! I'm a terrible overpacker though I've gotten better in recent days. I always get caught up in the lure of "Travel Size!" displays in the days leading up to a trip, so I applaud your self-restraint. :-) Enjoy your travels!

  3. You have amazing self restraint! I'm the type of girl that loves to get new clothes every time I go on a trip. And sadly for a 2 week trip I bring 2 suitcases and 1 carry one case. I think I need to start followig your lead!!