Monday, February 22, 2010

Living Your Five gets a new home!

Happy Monday!

This week, instead of posting our normal Five updates, we have very exciting news to share! As of today, we're breaking down the walls and giving Living Your FiveTM wings. :-) Check out its new home on the web!

In the beginning, we thought keeping all of our posts together, along with your comments about what you were doing to live your Five, would help create a central place to cheer each other on as we work together to change our world.

What we found, after chatting amongst ourselves and with you, was that we all wanted more freedom to spread the Living Your FiveTM message. Many of you are posting your Fives and your progress to your own blogs just as we'd hoped. And really, that's the whole goal of LYF. To reach as many people as we can with the Living Your FiveTM way of life.

To encourage that even more, we're going to follow your lead! Rather than confining our posts to a single location, we're going to be moving our Five updates to our own blogs and encouraging other people to keep blogging their Fives and progress too. The more people we can reach, the more momentum we gain in our quest to make a huge collective difference in our world!

Now, as sometimes happens, life can throw you a curveball. Our own Becca knows that well and will be stepping down from Living Your FiveTM. We adore Becca and know that even though she may not be posting about her Five, she's still all about living her Five. And that's what matters most. :-)

So... from now on, Alyson, Tera and I will be doing monthly posts on our blogs sharing our Five progress. And we would love for you to keep doing the same. Talk about your Five, blog about your Five... help us spread the Living Your FiveTM message!

Oh, and as a special bonus, we've made becoming an Honorary Fiver even easier! Now you can become an Honorary Fiver whenever you're ready - no need to wait for a first of the month post.

Cool, right?

Check out the details at and join in the fun! And stay tuned to our blogs for more stories about how we're living our Five:

- Kay Cassidy:

- Tera Lynn Childs:

- Alyson Noel:

Come share your journey with us and keep Living Your FiveTM!


  1. Hey Kay!
    first of all, I think this is wonderull what you are doing and I have an idea for the living your five. What if you started doing positive things for handicaped people? Soldiers involved in the war, people in car accidents, and children and adults that have been in the hospital because of cancer. I think that maybe that would also be a good idea. Love your work! Thanks!