Friday, January 22, 2010

Living Your Five presents... Paying It Forward ala Becca

Happy Friday! We're cruising along with our series about paying it forward--a favorite Living Your Five topic--with a question we posed to all the Fivers:

What is your favorite way to pay it forward to other people?

Here's what Becca had to say:

I think the value of a hand-written thank-you note is erroneously undervalued. When someone does something kind or helpful to me - even unintentionally - I like to make an effort to personally thank them.

I know when I receive thank-you notes, it motivates me to continue helping others. The mere act of saying thank you isn't just a way to show our appreciation, but to show people that they are making a difference, and it's worth their time and effort to continue down that path.


  1. Agreed! I am a big fan of the thank you note--it's always nice to both give & receive!

  2. Yes, I agree, a handwritten note is wonderful, I don't know why everyone doesn't do it. I splurged on some lovely, expensive writing paper and I keep it handy, people really appreciate it if you take the time to write a quick note. It seems much more personal than an e-mail.

  3. Thanks guys! I LOVE receiving a hand-written thank-you note :)