Friday, January 15, 2010

Living Your Five presents... Paying It Forward ala Alyson

First of all, I get to announce the winner of last week's book giveaway! Meg Cox graciously offered to give away a signed copy of her awesome book, The New Book of Family Traditions, to one lucky commenter last Friday. Congratulations to...

The Graef Family!

Contact me here with your mailing address, and Meg will mail you your very own signed copy. Thanks to everyone who participated for sharing how you're making a difference!

This week, we're kicking off a series about paying it forward--a favorite Living Your Five topic--with a question we posed to all the Fivers:

What is your favorite way to pay it forward to other people?

Here's what Alyson had to say:

As a writer, I believe in the power of words to entertain, inform, heal, and inspire. And as a former flight attendant, I know just how far a simple, sincere “Thank you” can go to brighten a tough, dreary day. So, when I want to pay it forward in some small way, I usually do it with language.

When I see someone who’s feeling obviously uncomfortable or insecure, I try to say something kind that will give them a boost. When I see a beggar or someone down on their luck, I offer a silent blessing of healing to them. When I learn of a friend who’s got a reason to celebrate, I jot off an e-mail or call in a “Congrats!” And I’m always on the lookout for unique cards that I can send for birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because.” They can be funny, inspiring, silly, heartfelt, doesn’t matter—it’s all about the words, the message I want to relay.

It’s an easy, simple thing to do, doesn’t cost much, if anything, and makes both sender and receiver feel good—it’s a win/win!