Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tera -- Living My Five

Most of my Five progress in the last two weeks has been eco-related. When my mom and I went shopping for new cleaning supplies--always a must during the guest-heavy holiday season--we chose the eco-friendly Clorox GreenWorks wipes and dish soap. It's such an easy (and affordable) way to change out chemical-laden cleaning products for ones with 95% natural plant and mineral-based biodegradable ingredients.

In addition to providing eco-friendly products, GreenWorks also works with Clothing Swap (an organization that brings fashionable swappers together to swap clothes and shop--their mission is "Be good. Be green. Be GLAM!") and one of my favorite environmental groups, the Sierra Club.

The Clorox Company, too, is working on going green. They have committed to reducing their electricity and water use, to disclose carbon data, and is a member of the EPA's Climate Leaders Program. Plus they own one of my favorite natural beauty products line, Burt's Bees.

In other green steps, after using up our aluminum foil on holiday baking we picked up recycled Reynolds Wrap, and when we packed up our treats to mail to family we used biodegradable, water-soluble packing peanuts from Staples.

All in all it's been a pretty green fortnight in the Childs household.

How about you guys? Are you going the extra distance to make your holidays and your household easier on the environment?


  1. Way to think ahead, Tera! Me, not so much this year... though we aren't putting up Christmas lights this year beyond the tree! That's something!

  2. Hey, Tera! I keep seeing GreenWorks products. I'll make it a point to buy them next time.

  3. Awesome greening, Tera! :-) We use the vinegar version of Windox (vs. the old ammonia formula) and I've been meaning to try the eco-friendly Method brand our local store stocks. I'll be sure to check out GreenWorks too.

    And how cool on the recycled aluminum wrap! I've never seen that before - will definitely look for it locally. Awesome!

  4. There`s amazing brands today that makes t-shirts, dresses and other stuffs by plastic bottles.Here, where I live,Brasil, there´s a store called 4 elements that sells this kind of clothes, and about the quality? It`s excellent.
    Not just this brand, but M.Officer, Rosa Chá...

    It´s countless how many things we can do using plastic bottles, my neighbor makes craft with this type of bottles.I´m trying use less plastic, I use returnable bottles made of glass, but when is really necessery use plastic i give it to my neighbor.
    It´s one of the five that i´m living.

    P.S.: Sorry my poor english, like i said before I´m brazilian