Monday, December 7, 2009

Living My Five - Kay

Commit to a life of gratitude

Last time, I talked about trying to find a new Thanksgiving tradition for my family. I'm delighted to say that we chose to create a Gratitude Tree. In fact, it turned out so wonderful that I had it laminated so we can display it again next year and put our new one right next to it. Here it is in all its glory. (Please keep in mind that I did not inherit my mom's craft gene.)

We each wrote out our leaves in advance and then took turns pasting them onto the tree and talking about why we were grateful for that thing. Some of them made us laugh, some of them made us sigh... it was really lovely. I highly recommend giving it a whirl with your own family or creating one just for yourself as a reminder of what really matters.

Live a greener life ~and~ Pay it forward

It's two, two, two Fives in one! :-)

Today, I saw something that really resonated with me. (And is also a great example of how you can use social networking sites like Twitter to change the world!) Actor Nathan Fillion tweeted about it being actress Alyssa Milano's birthday and all she wanted was to help raise money for mycharity: water. Did you know 1 in 6 people on the planet don't have access to clean water? This great organization has an ambition goal of ensuring safe, clean drinking water for everyone on the planet by creating clean water systems one community at a time.

Is that Five-ish or what?

To make it fun, the campaign was set up with an easy selection of buttons to choose the amount, with the first button being $37 for Alyssa's 37th birthday. (I loved that part too - even the suggested amount has meaning!). So I donated and then created a page of my own so I can host a future campaign myself. Hmm... maybe when I turn 40? Here's a link to Alyssa's page:

So that's what I've been doing to live my Five. What about you? And for those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, what were you thankful for?


  1. Just donated for Alyssa's b-day! Mine just passed--wish I'd known about it then!

    Thanks for sharing, Kay!


  2. I love the gratitude tree! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea, Kay.

  3. Alyson - Rock on with your donating! You are such a giver. :-)

    Andrea - Thanks! It really was such a fun part of our Thanksgiving that I definitely want to make it a permanent part of our Thanksgiving tradition. Gave me a neat idea for New Years too!

  4. The tree turned out adorable, Kay! And I love the Alyssa Milano water campaign (okay, I love Alyssa Milano in general) and that the giving amounts have a specific meaning. Way cool!

  5. Tera - Thanks! I'm so not Martha Stewartish, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. And I knew water-loving you would heart the water campaign. :-)

    Prashant - You're very welcome. Thank you so much for joining us on Living Your Five!