Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Living My Five- Alyson's Holiday Five!

Okay, I'm not gonna lie--the last two weeks have been tough and not at all productive. Mostly due to the fact that I had braces put on, underwent major mouth surgery, and have pretty much spent every day since lying on the couch, sleeping, reading books, watching HGTV, popping pain meds, and applying warm compresses to my face--all of which it makes it a little tough to get very active where my Five is concerned.

And yet, when I stop to think about it, being far less active also means I used far less energy than I usually do--(and not just physically!)--so score one for the environment there!

And while a mouth full of sutures pretty much precludes me from taking part in the usual holiday festivities, I still feel incredibly lucky to have had such a great year, and so, wanting to give back in some way, my husband and I have decided to forego our usual gift exchange by donating the money we would've spent to both Heifer International (an annual tradition, and one of our fave charities) and The City of Hope, who not only provides top-notch care for cancer patients, but who also saved my husband's life--so yeah, I'm incredibly grateful for them!

And really, that's what Living Your Five is all about--doing whatever you can from wherever you're at!

I wish you all a warm and wonderful holiday and all good things in the New Year!!



  1. Here's to a speedy recovery, Alyson! And how generous of your DH and you to give to charities instead of exchange gifts. Here's to another extremely awesome year!

  2. Hugs on the surgery, Alyson, and warm wishes for a speedy recovery. Cheers to you and your husband for supporting two wonderful charities to show how grateful you are for each other and for a lovely 2009. Here's to an even more amazing 2010!

  3. Heifer Intl is a great charity. My in laws gave a family a goat for my son's last birthday!

  4. Daisy- that is awesome! And what a great example for your son!