Monday, December 14, 2009

Becca - Living My Five

Hey, Fivers!

I feel like the past couple weeks I've been finding some great ways to live my five, despite all the (fun) chaos that surrounds the holiday season. I thought I'd share a couple quick things I've been up to.

1. Our long-time washing machine broke this past week, so I was in the market for a new machine. I decided it was a wise and earth-friendly investment to put a little extra money into buying a high-efficiency machine. It feels good to know I'm using less energy and water every time I launder my clothes!

2. Friday, December 11 was Lights Out Lunch day here in Ft. Collins, and I wholeheartedly supported it! From noon until 1p.m., individuals, businesses and local schools turned off the lights and ate lunch using natural light. What a great way to save energy! My kitchen is south-facing and welcomes quite a bit of natural light through the windows, and I've committed to eat lunch using natural light every day. If you'd like more information about Lights Out Lunch, go to their website at

3. Finally, I'm participating in Leave a Mark this week! I thought it was a great way to pay it forward and say thanks to all the teachers, librarians and people in my life who helped foster a life-long love of reading. Thank you!

What about you? Are you living your Five?


  1. Awesome, Becca! You've inspired me to eat lunch by natural light too. The sun is finally out here, so it's extra incentive to start today. :-)

  2. Leave a Mark is such a cool idea- I did it with Saving Zoe and it was a blast! (Though also admittedly weird to write all over a book!).

    Love the Lights Out idea too-- I'm def going to do that!

  3. Hey, guys! Yeah, the lights out is a great idea. The schools are incredibly green here, which is awesome :)

  4. Great--and super easy--ideas, Becca! I love the idea of lights out lunch, too. And yay you for springing for the more efficient washing. Big steps and little steps. Hooray!