Monday, November 9, 2009

Kay - Living My Five

Wow, these last two weeks have gone by FAST! I've been under the weather, but here's what I've been doing to live my Five:

Commit to a life of gratitude

Like many people, I've been sick the last week. And since part of that has meant not having a voice (literally), I've spent more time online catching up in places like Facebook. It made me remember how many wonderful people are in my life and how unfortunate it is that many of them don't live nearby. Such is the life of transient America, I know.

So I've taken some time this week to connect with old friends... finding out how they're doing, trying to set up a chance to get together, and just generally letting them know I'm thinking about them. My friend, Dawn, has a lovely expression she uses when she's been thinking about you. "You were on my heart," she'll say, "so I thought I'd call to see how you were doing." A lot of people have been on my heart lately, and I'm glad I've taken the time to let them know. I want to do that more often.

I also spent a lot of time on the phone with my agent last week (prior to the voice problem), which reminded me how incredibly lucky I am to have her for a business partner. She really is the perfect compliment to me, personality-wise and business-wise. We're a good match, and I'm very grateful for that. I also got a wonderful bit of help from my editor--quite unexpectedly--which gave me even more to be thankful for. They're both getting a little special something from me today as my way of saying thanks. (Shhh... don't tell!) :-)

So that's what I've been up to. What about you? What have you been doing to make a difference in your world? How have you been Living Your Five?


  1. Sometimes being under the weather is good for us--it forces us to slow down and reconnect.

    Glad you're on the mend though!

  2. I love your positivity - a trait that I value! And I totally agree with Alyson - having been sick myself for the last 6 weeks, I tend to think God allows it so I'll slow down and take care of me. Hope you are feeling better soon and I'm SO excited about the Cinderella Society - I have some wonderful girl readers in my classes and we might have to make that something we all read together. Stay positive because you shine in an industry where that's not always common! :)

  3. Today I am trying to appreciate the time with my kids. No email or phone calls on their time!

  4. Alyson - It really does, doesn't it? The timing was awful but, then again, when is the timing ever good for getting sick? :-)

  5. Krissi - You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words and for the cheers for The Cinderella Society. You just made my day. :-)

  6. Shelli - Good for you! I have a hard time cutting out distractions too, so rock on with your focused self!