Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday FiveSpot presents... "Three Things" ala Alyson

Happy Friday and congratulations to our fair Alyson on the release of Shadowland, the third book in her Immortals YA series that has taken the world by storm!

For the next few Fridays (except for Honorary Fiver Friday, of course!), I'm going to be posting each of our answers to the simple but important question we asked ourselves when we first got Living Your Five rolling.

If you could encourage everyone on the planet to do three specific things, what would they be?

Here's what Alyson had to say:

1. If you have a choice to be either right or kind, choose kind. We waste so much time defending our egos at the expense of each other, and if we put that energy into getting along, treating each other with a little more kindness and compassion and respect, the world would be a much friendlier place to live in.

2. Cut the snark. Seriously. The Internet is not anonymous—it just feels that way—and your words have the power to either harm or heal. Why waste your time going negative when you could be positive instead? Whenever I’m tempted to fall into this trap, I remember this quote by Deepak Chopra: “The cheapest way to feel good about yourself is by feeling superior to others,” and it always stops me right in my tracks. Rise above the tide and choose to be a positive force in the world, not a negative one.

3. When in doubt, follow the Golden Rule—you can never go wrong!

And now, our question for you! If you could encourage everyone in the world to do something positive, what would yours be?


  1. Having met you more than once in person and tons online, Alyson, I can absolutely say that you set the example on all of the above. I will confess to a little ego-defending and a little snarkifying occasionally, but you and your tips inspire me to strive to be a better person. Thank you!

  2. I absolutely agree with Tera. Although I haven't met you in person *yet* (looking forward to seeing you in May!), you are a shining example of this in every aspect of your online life and in the way you live your Five. Cheers to you for leading by example!

  3. Tera & Kay- Aw shucks, mams! You're making me blush!