Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday FiveSpot presents... Honorary Fiver Day!

Welcome to Honorary Fiver Day!

We'll be hosting this event on the first Friday of every month. Honorary Fiver Day is your chance to become a bonafide Honorary Fiver member of the Living Your Five community.

To become an Honorary Fiver, all you have to do is share your Five in the comments on this special Honorary Fiver post. Let us know the five areas you want to make a difference in!

Once you've shared your Five on this post, you are officially an Honorary Fiver and have our permission to nab this cute logo (designed by our own fab Tera!) to place on your blog or web site. Cool, right?

What does being an Honorary Fiver mean?

Being an Honorary Fiver means you're ready to join us in our quest to change our world... one person and one Five at a time. But posting your Five in the comments area of an official Honorary Fiver Day post is just the beginning. We want you to keep us posted on how you're doing on your Five! Any time one of us posts about our progress, please chime in and share your Five news too. Tell us what great things you're up to. All Fiver progress is worth celebrating, big steps and baby steps alike!

The more action we take, the more excitement we spread, the more momentum we build... the more impact we make as a Fiver community!

And yes, we encourage you to post about your Five progress on your own blogs too if you wish. Blog your Honorary Fiver hearts out, we say! Just remember to post your progress on Living Your Five too so you can inspire the rest of our community. :-)

An important note to keep in mind...

One of the tricky things about creating your Five is distinguishing between something that's beneficial to you vs. something that's immediately beneficial to others. Even we had to stop ourselves on occasion and ask "Who is really benefitting from this?"

Your Five must be things that directly impact others in a positive way, not something that is primarily for your own personal benefit.

In addition to our Fives, Alyson, Tera, Becca and I are all actively pursuing our own kinds of personal development. That's just part of being the best we can be. But that's a personal endeavor, not a Fiver endeavor.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Things like regular meditation and spiritual development are for your own personal growth. They're lovely goals, to be sure. And they may very well improve your ability to carry out your Five. But those goals would not be part of your Five themselves because the person who benefits most is you.

Stick to things that directly and obviously impact others first and foremost, whether those others are people, animals, the Earth, or whatever you happen to care about. Don't worry... if you're like us, there will be way more than just five things in your "Impacting Others" column.

NOTE: You must post your Five here to become an Honorary Fiver, even if you've already shared it in the comments of a non-Honorary Fiver Day post. (Having all of the Fives together on these special Honorary Fiver Day posts is the only way we can keep track of our growing Honorary Fivers membership.)

And now, without further ado, I introduce... YOU!

So there you go, dear readers! If you're ready to step up to the plate--Welcome! We're thrilled to have you aboard!--now is your time to shine. Share your Five in the comments below, nab the Honorary Fiver logo for your blog or web site, and go change your world!

Are you ready to Live Your Five?


  1. 1. Put family first.
    2. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Choose peace over adversity.
    3. Breathe. No really, breathe. It can change the outcome of so many situations.
    4. Sometimes procrastination = being afraid. I need to stop both. ;)
    5. Laugh instead of sweating the small stuff- and try to help others do the same.

    Good Luck, everyone!

  2. We are Jennifer and Espe the creators of Late Bloomer Online. In creating this blog, our hope is to do the following

    1. Bring awareness to different causes by having a cause of the month on our forum. For example this month we have Feed America.

    2. We are inviting authors to participate in guest forums with the boys and girls club, thus encouraging them to read.

    3. Just go for it. At times it can be intimidating to contact authors to set up chats or interviews, or if you get a "NO" it can be discouraging, but we want to keep going for it so we can bring the love of reading we have to others.

    4. We would like to start encouraging readers to "Go Green" by donating their unused copies of their books to their local library.

    5. Using our new found connections to the Young Adult writing world by helping young writers that are hoping to get published

    Thanks! We are honored to be an Honorary Fiver!

  3. My FIVE may change and evolve as I do, but today this is my Living Commitment.
    1. Giving back: Donating something every month to a worthy charity or cause. This month I donated money to the Marine Mammal Center and the Central Park Conservancy.
    2. Helping those less fortunate: I manage several feral cat colonies, which means feeding groups of abandonded cats every day...rain or shine. They are amazing. They've gone from not showing themselves to me to letting me pet them. They respond to kindness, so how can I not feed them?
    3. Random acts of kindness: This week I helped a neighbor find his (inside only) cat that got loose, returned stranded shopping carts to their rightful place, sent cards to people who weren't expecting them just because it would make their day.
    4. Living greener and more humane: In whatever way this presents itself. This month I donated books I haven't read in several years to a great cause, am eating less meat, buying products produced on humane farms, and purchasing products that are cruelty free.
    5. Not forgetting what's most important: To me this means not forgetting that joy and laughter are what it's all about. I'm taking time for myself each day to rejuvinate my spirit and then sharing that joy with at least one other person.
    ~Elizabeth Fais

  4. I've been insanely fortunate in my life and the coming year is going to be really exciting. I've always loved the idea of paying it forward. My specific fives are:

    1. Put a resources for writers page on my website so that people who feel that they have a book in them have some good, solid places to start that journey.

    2. Expand the resources for hoarders on my site before the book comes out. So many people who have been touched by hoarding have helped me with the book, I want to make sure that anyone who reaches out for help can get it.

    3. Make our first new car purchase be a hybrid. My hubby wants a Lexus (yeah right), I want a Prius, so hopefully we can find some happy middle.

    4. Help the kids find their charity donation recipients before the end of the year. I think one has $55 saved and the other has over $70.

    5. Donate a percentage of my book sales at local school events to that school's library so they can buy more books.

  5. Wow--these are just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, everyone!

  6. Myra - Welcome to Team Fiver! What a wonderful message you're putting out there with your Five. They made me smile just reading them. Cheers to you!

  7. Jennifer & Espe - A double Team Fiver entry! :-) These are such fabulous ways to make a difference, and I love that you've tied them into the blog you're already passionate about. Excellent!

  8. Elizabeth - Awesome! I love how you not only shared your Five, but even noted what you've been doing lately to make a difference in those areas. I can't wait to hear about all the great things you'll be doing in the months ahead. Welcome!

  9. Cynthia - A fellow Tenner! :-) What a great way to give back by tying it into your career, family, and personal life to boot. Now *that's* synergy. Great to have you aboard!