Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tera -- Living My Five

Like I said in my last post, I'm moving this week. My stuff is actually already in Oklahoma City and I'm on my way there via Austin and Dallas. It's been a hectic two weeks, to say the least.

But I am happy to report some moving-related progress on my Five.

Going Green

With every move there is a lot of waste. (A lot of waste.) I diligently collected all recyclables, like plastic bottles and extra cardboard boxes, and toted them down my three flights of stairs and across the complex to the recycle bins.

Disaster Relief

I also ended up with a bag full of non-perishable pantry items that could have easy been tossed into the trash. Instead, I looked up places to donate food in Houston and found the West Side Social Services organization not far from my (now former) apartment. When I took them my seemingly paltry bag of food they were so thankful and pleased to have it. That was definitely a spirit boost on a stressful day.

(I'm not sure this services only victims of natural disasters, but probably anyone in need of donated food has suffered some kind of disaster in their life.)

Writing Mentorship

After culling through my (excessive) collection of books, I wound up with one box and three tote bags fulls of books to pass on. In the past I've taken these books to a local used bookstore to sell back for store credit. I've hardly ever used the credit I've accumulated while living in Houston, and now that I was moving away it seemed silly to build up even more. So, instead, I donated these books to the Houston Public Library. My dad delivered them to my neighborhood branch and he said the librarian was thrilled to receive the books. Score two for spirit boost. Maybe one of those books will inspire a future writer to bestsellerdom!

I also shipped whatever young adult books I was donating to the wonderful make-shift library Becca wrote about two weeks ago. Goodness knows those kids need all the opportunities for escape they can get.

See, even something as stressful and overwhelming as moving can turn into an opportunity to further your Five. So how have you done since my last update? Any unexpected progress or spirit-boosting moments to share?

Are you ready to Live Your Five?



  1. Wow Tera, you really went out of your way--I'm so impressed by you efforts! Moving is so stressful there's no doubt it would've been easier to not "bother" with this--but you did--and that's AWESOME!

  2. You are a wonder, Tera! :-) Congratulations on the successful move and cheers to you for finding so many ways to give back during a very hectic time. You rock!