Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday FiveSpot presents... more books that changed our lives

A few weeks ago, we shared the books that changed the way Alyson and Tera think about their Five. This week, we'll be sharing stories about the books that profoundly impacted Becca and my Fives.


Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe inspired me to see the world as a human family - we all have the same triumphs and trails, joys and sorrows. It also made me realize the truth in small change having huge, everlasting effects. There is nothing simple about the efforts of a single human being. We all have the power for change.


For me, it was definitely The Quickening of America by Frances Moore Lappe and Paul Martin DuBois. I read this book about ten years ago, and it was my first introduction to the concept of Living Democracy. Living Democracy is all about the power of everyday, average citizens to shape the world we live in by participating in the process of democracy and sharing our ideas and energy to fix the problems around us that can sometimes seem insurmountable.

What was most powerful for me about this book were the stories scattered throughout about people and towns and organizations rethinking the way they live and operate. Some of the ideas were small and some were large and far-reaching, but all of them made a profound impact on people’s lives and on our collective future. What I took away from the book was the very real sense that every one of us has the power to change our world. Looking back on it now, it was the book that started me on the path to Living Your Five.

So those are the books that helped shape how Becca and I view our Five. What about you? Which books changed the way you think about your Five (or inspired part of your Five)?


  1. 'The Lizard Cage' by Karen Connoley is about a political prisoner held in a jail in Burma and the dictatorship that holds the country in its grip. It inspired me to want to help get action for political prisoners.

  2. I hadn't heard of that one, Jodie. Thanks for sharing!