Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday FiveSpot presents... Honorary Fiver Day!

Welcome to Honorary Fiver Day!

We'll be hosting this event on the first Friday of every month. Honorary Fiver Day is your chance to become a bonafide Honorary Fiver member of the Living Your Five community.

To become an Honorary Fiver, all you have to do is share your Five in the comments on this special Honorary Fiver post. Let us know the five areas you want to make a difference in!

Once you've shared your Five on this post, you are officially an Honorary Fiver and have our permission to nab this cute logo (designed by our own fab Tera!) to place on your blog or web site. Cool, right?

What does being an Honorary Fiver mean?

Being an Honorary Fiver means you're ready to join us in our quest to change our world... one person and one Five at a time. But posting your Five in the comments area of an official Honorary Fiver Day post is just the beginning. We want you to keep us posted on how you're doing on your Five! Any time one of us posts about our progress, please chime in and share your Five news too. Tell us what great things you're up to. All Fiver progress is worth celebrating, big steps and baby steps alike!

The more action we take, the more excitement we spread, the more momentum we build... the more impact we make as a Fiver community!

And yes, we encourage you to post about your Five progress on your own blogs too if you wish. Blog your Honorary Fiver hearts out, we say! Just remember to post your progress on Living Your Five too so you can inspire the rest of our community. :-)

An important note to keep in mind...

One of the tricky things about creating your Five is distinguishing between something that's beneficial to you vs. something that's immediately beneficial to others. Even we had to stop ourselves on occasion and ask "Who is really benefitting from this?"

Your Five must be things that directly impact others in a positive way, not something that is primarily for your own personal benefit.

In addition to our Fives, Alyson, Tera, Becca and I are all actively pursuing our own kinds of personal development. That's just part of being the best we can be. But that's a personal endeavor, not a Fiver endeavor.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Things like regular meditation and spiritual development are for your own personal growth. They're lovely goals, to be sure. And they may very well improve your ability to carry out your Five. But those goals would not be part of your Five themselves because the person who benefits most is you.

Stick to things that directly and obviously impact others first and foremost, whether those others are people, animals, the Earth, or whatever you happen to care about. Don't worry... if you're like us, there will be way more than just five things in your "Impacting Others" column.

NOTE: You must post your Five here to become an Honorary Fiver, even if you've already shared it in the comments of a non-Honorary Fiver Day post. (Having all of the Fives together on these special Honorary Fiver Day posts is the only way we can keep track of our growing Honorary Fivers membership.)

And now, without further ado, I introduce... YOU!

So there you go, dear readers! If you're ready to step up to the plate--Welcome! We're thrilled to have you aboard!--now is your time to shine. Share your Five in the comments below, nab the Honorary Fiver logo for your blog or web site, and go change your world!

Are you ready to Live Your Five?


  1. You guys are totally awesome and have inspired me! Following are my five. In the very near future, I plan to:
    1) Volunteer as a literacy tutor at my local library. Reading and writing have given so much to me, feel the need to pay it forward...
    2) Replace my water-needy front lawn with an eco-garden (rocks and hardy native plants). Want to do my bit to save the planet!
    3) Be kinder to my family and friends. (All too often we take those closest to us for granted and snap at *them* when we're feeling stressed!)
    4) Try to make less garbage by buying fewer ultra-packaged items, etc.
    5) Be less gossipy/catty. (Always feel crappy after.)

  2. yay!

    1) My kids lives. Make them better people that love the world and humainity
    2) teens - to touch at least one teen with the message of my book
    3) myself - have patience and know that tings will happen when they are supposed to
    4) universe - find my higher calling and do what I can to make a difference in this life
    5) fellow authors - to help them be successful in marketing their words and messages

    thanks guys! :)

  3. 1. Donate more books to the library.
    2. Donate food to the local church.
    3. Be less impatient w/ family & not mean when stressed.
    4. Turn off the lights when not in the room & recycle more.
    5.Turn off the water when I brush my teeth/wash my face.

  4. I've been thinking about this. A lot. Here goes....

    1. Turn off the water when I brush my teeth. It saves water!

    2. Donate, donate, donate! For the past couple months, I've been cleaning out boxes and closets packing up clothing, books, etc. and donating them to charity. I'm going to continue going through the house and passing along things we don't use to people who can use them.

    3. I was inspired by the cell phones for soldiers idea. I found a donation drop-off place in my area, and I'm going to collect old phones to donate to the cause.

    4. In our high-tech world, I feel the art of sending greeting cards and handwritten letters has been lost. I plan to send greeting cards and letters to friends and family in the coming months--to cheer them up and let them know they're appreciated.

    5. In one of the fandoms I belong to, I've noticed that the fans can be kind of catty and mean to each other. A few days ago, I decided to send a positive message to one of the fans on the receiving end of the attacks. I thought she could use a word of encouragement in the midst of what had to be a stressful time. Who likes to be under attack? I'm going to keep doing that!

  5. Bev - Love your Five! I hadn't thought about the ultra-packaged aspect of some items, but that's such a great point. I need to start paying closer attention to that as well. Thanks for mentioning it!

  6. Shelli - Awesome stuff! Your #4 really struck a chord with me because finding your calling can make such a profound difference in your life, the lives of your loved ones, and even your Five. I can't wait for you to discover yours and embrace it with your usual zest for life!

  7. Diane - Welcome aboard! I love how your Five is simple and straight-forward but has a wonderfully far-reaching impact. I'm looking forward to hearing about all your great progress as you Live Your Five!

  8. Andrea - Fabulous! I'm so glad the Cell Phones for Soldiers project resonated with you. And I love how you're making an effort to reach out and spread goodwill in so many different ways as you make a difference. Go you!

  9. Environmental action: My plans for this range from cutting down on what hits the bin, recycling, reusing packaging, remembering to be better about turning power off and my own personal book buying ban. I just saw that one of the contributors talked about paperless billing, which sounds like a great idea. I hope to pick up on more things I can do, as I read the blog.

    Action for political prisoners: I mentioned that ‘The Lizard Cage’ and ‘Little Brother’ made me want to get involved in action for political prisoners. I’m going to take up Amy’s suggestion to join Amnesty International and see what other ways I can think of to get involved.

    Random acts of charity, kindness and joy: There are tons of things I could do for this area. I try to split a regular amount between different charities every month, but sometimes I fall short, so I want to concentrate on keeping my donations level each month. Of course, I’ll be supporting next ‘The Book Fair for Boys’ drive. I also want to remind myself how easy it is to put a little joy in someone’s day with random acts.

    Promote diversity: Our world is full of diversity, but our media and our markets often lack diversity. I want to work out some strategies for supporting racial, sexual and gender diversity so that people who don’t see themselves represented in society can begin to see a change. I’m also interested in supporting independent businesses, who increase our product diversity and bring joy into people’s lives. Personally, I think people are poorer when they have less choice (not more confused as some companies seem to think). I have some ideas about supporting subject diversity in literature. Finally there’s a big varied world out there and maybe if people knew more about the wonders it had to offer they’d be more careful with it (I don’t have a fully developed plan for how to go about making a difference with this one, but I’m thinking).

    Feminism: I want to become a more active feminist. In becoming more active my goal is to help the general goals of the feminist movement (equal rights for women, respect, getting women in other countries the same rights women in the UK have and more and more until the end is nigh). I have a blog offshoot idea for this one bubbling away, but I guess it also means writing letters, chiming in with support on others causes and educating myself on the places that feminism needs help.

  10. Jodie - Welcome to Living Your Five! Cheers to you for being able to so clearly articulate what matters to you. I have no doubt you'll continue making major contributions to your world! :-)