Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alyson --Living My Five

So, I feel I should say, right from the start, that my husband & I aren't exactly what you'd call "car people."

Sure we admire a nice sexy, sleek, and shiny model, but we don't really feel the need to claim one of our own. And when a good friend recently got a Bentley, I couldn't wait to go for a spin around the block (I'd never been in one before and they are truly beautiful, a real work of art, with every detail attended to!), but when the ride was over, I was just as happy to climb behind the wheel of my, er, non-Bentley.

So when we found ourselves in the market for a new car recently (mine's really getting up there in years), we were immediately faced with a sea of seemingly unlimited options. But, as we nailed down our criteria, which basically amounted to a combination of comfort, value, good gas mileage, and as minimal environmental impact as possible (keeping in spirit with my pledge to live greener), the list of potentials became a lot shorter, and we ended up choosing a new hybrid model that not only gets 35 mpg, but is made of 80% recyclable, plant based materials--how cool is that?!

Oh, and, on a side note, it just so happens to be sexy, shiny, and sleek too--so a total win/win!

Now we just have to wait for it to be delivered . . .

How about you? Are you Living Your Five??


  1. How cool, Alyson! I've never heard of a car that's made of recyclable plant based materials - sweet!! We just traded in our nine year old car this summer and my husband did the cost analysis of the mpg on the models we were considering. It's amazing how just 1-2 extra mpg adds up after five years. Getting 35 mpg? That's a whole lot of energy savings to make the earth happy. Go you! :-)