Monday, September 14, 2009

Kay - Living My Five

Last week was a big office overhaul week at Casa Cassidy. Huge. As in, I found a box with items marked "To Be Filed" that was several years old. Apparently it had been in need of filing last time we moved and had accidentally been packed by the movers. I got to use my lovely new shredder for most of the contents. (I have a wee crush on my new shredder - shreds 12 sheets at a time and doesn't jam - LOVE it!)

It was also a week of gratitude and paying it forward for me as a result of said office overhaul. It's nice how when your Five are just a normal part of your life, you recognize the small things you can do along the way to make an impact. My successes this week aren't monumental (as is often the case) but they made me feel good knowing I was making a small contribution to my Five.

1. Commit to a life of gratitude

As part of my office clearing project last week, I came across an old cell phone that I'd been meaning to dispose of but needed to research how to do so safely (in keeping with the Living a Greener Life part of my Five).

But when I unearthed it again last week, I decided to use it as an opportunity to show my gratitude instead. I mailed it to the Cell Phones for Soldiers project which recycles the cell phones and, with the money it generates, provides calling cards for soldiers overseas. Not earth-shattering by any measure, but will it make a difference to one soldier and his or her loved ones? I hope so.

2. Pay it forward in ways that are meaningful to me

My office project spilled over into other areas of my life as well. I've been trying to cull the things from our closets that no longer fit or aren't appropriate for us anymore and, as FlyLady says, "let them bless someone else". I put together a huge bag of clothing and donated it to our local Goodwill store.

I typically do this several times a year, but for some reason I've had the things for this bag sitting there waiting to be donated since early 2009. And the Goodwill store is just around the corner from us. Doesn't it seem like I could've bundled it up and dropped it off a long time ago?

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

So instead of letting it sit there any longer, I got it sent off so it can find homes with people who can use it. And I vow to get back to doing quarterly donations so there's a nice flow-through of items in our home. I may not make it to Alyson's level of donating something everytime I bring something new in, but donating quarterly like I used to should be an easy habit to fall back into. With a little timely reminder, of course. :-)

So that's how I'm living my Five. Now it's your turn, Honorary Fivers... how did you do on your Five? There's no such thing as progress too big or too small to cheer about!

Are you ready to Live Your Five?


  1. That sounds so good, I like the idea of mailing the phone to Cellphone for soldiers ^^

    Well I think I saved up a lot of paper last week using less notebooks for this term. i used to use one notebook for each subject and always ended up with halfly filled notebooks, so this time I take notes of two related subjects in one, it also helps me a lot with my study too!

  2. Kay- LOVE the cell phone idea!!

    Thao- Love your paper saving idea!!

    Rock on Fivers!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Kay! It's so inspirational to hear your stories. It really motivates me to make a difference.

  4. Thao - Great paper-saving idea! Kudos to you for thinking of that. Less waste AND less clutter... what's not to love? :-)

    Alyson - Thanks! Cell Phones for Soldiers is such a neat idea. They rock!

    McKenzie - You're so sweet! I can't wait for you to share your Five and hear how you're making a difference. Go you!

  5. Awesome, Kay. I'm planning on donating clothes to the Epilepsy Foundation next week!

  6. I love the progress you've made on your five! That's a really wonderful idea regarding the Cell phones for soldiers.

    I've been trying to do lots of 'green' related things. All the lightbulbs in the house have now been changed to energy saver ones. Recyling paper (I am a huge paper waster!). I've been making a habit to turn off all electrical things when they're not in use (I never realised how much stuff is always on... tv in the next room that no one's sitting in, unneccessary lights, appliances etc).

    I've also been looking into finding a penpal prisoner. I'm going through different sites and profiles because personally I just don't think I'd feel very comfortable conversing with say, a rapist, so I want to be sure I know a bit about who I'm mailing first! I am looking forward to it though.

  7. Bec - What a great opportunity to donate! We used to donate to the National Kidney Fund when we lived down South. My SIL is a renal dietician, so she sees first-hand the devastating effect kidney failure can have on people's lives.

    Brodie - That's some great green stuff! And I think it's lovely that you're reaching out to other people, especially since you're making sure to do it in a safe way. :-)