Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday FiveSpot presents... National Learn & Serve Challenge

I came across a short School Library Journal blurb for a program this week and knew it was perfect for Living Your Five. The National Learn & Serve Challenge, which is designed to raise awareness and build support for service learning, is scheduled for October 5-11, 2009. Join them for a week of special events and community outreach activities designed to raise awareness and build support for service-learning.

The program's goals for 2010 are:

-- Engage 5 million college students in service

-- Ensure 50 percent of America's K-12 schools incorporate service-learning into their curricula

Lofty goals? Definitely. But achievable? I think so, especially if you get involved and help spread the word! Even their motto--"Be a solution"--is perfectly in line with Living Your Five.

Thanks to School Library Journal for putting this great program on my radar!

Are you ready to Live Your Five?


  1. "Be a solution." I like that. Kinda reminds me of our Gandhi quote. =)

    What a cool program, and just think of all the change we'll see in the world if they succeed!

  2. At our school the students have two times for sure they participate in service learning. One is through our "homeroom" time (it's much more than homeroom) and another during what we call exploratory day. Our students have made meals for homeless people, collected coats, food drives, created and donated to the humane society - the list goes on. I think it's very important for them at the middle grades to do this - to step beyond themselves.

  3. Jill - That's wonderful! And I completely agree about it being important for middle school kids (and elementary school kids as well!). The earlier they begin making a difference, the more likely it'll become a lifelong habit. Here's to the next generation of Fivers! :-)