Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday FiveSpot: Our Inaugural Honorary Fivers Day!

Welcome to our first official Honorary Fiver Day!

We'll be hosting this event on the first Friday of every month. Honorary Fiver Day is your chance to become a bonafide Honorary Fiver member of the Living Your Five community.

To become an Honorary Fiver, all you have to do is share your Five in the comments on this special Honorary Fiver post. Let us know the five areas you want to make a difference in!

Once you've shared your Five on this post, you are officially an Honorary Fiver and have our permission to nab this cute logo (designed by our own fab Tera!) to place on your blog or web site. Cool, right?

What does being an Honorary Fiver mean?

Being an Honorary Fiver means you're ready to join us in our quest to change our world... one person and one Five at a time. But posting your Five in the comments area of an official Honorary Fiver Day post is just the beginning. We want you to keep us posted on how you're doing on your Five! Any time one of us posts about our progress, please chime in and share your Five news too. Tell us what great things you're up to. All Fiver progress is worth celebrating, big steps and baby steps alike!

The more action we take, the more excitement we spread, the more momentum we build... the more impact we make as a Fiver community!

And yes, we encourage you to post about your Five progress on your own blogs too if you wish. Blog your Honorary Fiver hearts out, we say! Just remember to post your progress on Living Your Five too so you can inspire the rest of our community. :-)

An important note before we get rolling...

One of the tricky things about creating your Five is distinguishing between something that's beneficial to you vs. something that's immediately beneficial to others. Even we had to stop ourselves on occasion and ask "Who is really benefitting from this?"

Your Five must be things that directly impact others in a positive way, not something that is primarily for your own personal benefit.

In addition to our Fives, Alyson, Tera, Becca and I are all actively pursuing our own kinds of personal development. That's just part of being the best we can be. But that's a personal endeavor, not a Fiver endeavor.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Things like regular meditation and spiritual development are for your own personal growth. They're lovely goals, to be sure. And they may very well improve your ability to carry out your Five. But those goals would not be part of your Five themselves because the person who benefits most is you.

Stick to things that directly and obviously impact others first and foremost, whether those others are people, animals, the Earth, or whatever you happen to care about. Don't worry... if you're like us, there will be way more than just five things in your "Impacting Others" column.

NOTE: You must post your Five here to become an Honorary Fiver, even if you've already shared it in the comments of a non-Honorary Fiver Day post. (Having all of the Fives together on these special Honorary Fiver Day posts is the only way we can keep track of our growing Honorary Fivers membership.)

And now, without further ado, I introduce... YOU!

So there you go, dear readers! If you're ready to step up to the plate--Welcome! We're thrilled to have you aboard!--now is your time to shine. Share your Five in the comments below, nab the Honorary Fiver logo for your blog or web site, and go change your world!

Are you ready to Live Your Five?


  1. I'm first. I hope I am ^^

    So my fives are;

    1. Go Green I have to admit that I used to be ignorant teen who completely disregarded the value of the clean and pure environment but thankfully as I grew up, I realized how important it was to protect the earth. I'm starting from little things like using less plastic bags, taking the bike instead of other vehicles, planting more trees ect ect

    2. Say goodbye to judging and encourage people to do so. I had a bad habit of jumping to conclusion of how a person is even though I just met them. It prevented me from getting to actually know the person and therefore made a lot of mistakes. I decided to stop doing that and help others get rid of this habit too, that way everyone can get close and be real to each other easily.

    3. Give them reads I've learnt more about books these days and it dawns on me that not only do I want to read but I also want others to enjoy and benefit from books as much as I do too, especially people at my age. I'm going to spread the love for reading to the best of my capability and bring good books to as many as possible. I have a big dream of creating my own library and opening a bargain bookstore when I grow up. But now since it is beyond my reach, I'll just lend my books away and donating some to libraries/charities.

    4. Helping people in difficulty This is what my Mom and my Dad always tell me to do. They say it doesn't matter if we're rich or poor, if we want to help, there's always a way. My Mom usually donates stuff to charities and my Dad never fails to support morally or financially his juniors at work. I'm going to be like them too.

    5. Protect the animals In my country some treat animals cruelly. People even eat dogs or cats and I feel really disgusted with such doing. I want to help those (even though I've not figured out how yet) to live happily and safely

  2. Hi everyone!
    Here are my Fives, that hopefully, will make some small change:

    1. Go Greener. As a little child, I didn't use to care for the environment. But I was taught that we only have one world to live in, and that we must take good care of it. I learned about the importance of a fresh glass of water, of clean air to breathe.
    We live in a world where kids don't care if they throw litter on the streets, cause if the person in front of me did it, why can't I? My goal here is to make these kids understand that once we start thinking like this, there's no going back.

    2. Go Healthier. I spend a lot of time sitting down reading , or in front of the computer. But that's going to change. I commit to force my brothers and rest of my family to go hiking/biking/jogging/anything else you can think of with -ing, and start living a healthier life.

    3. Go Creative. I love making things whenever I'm bored. I can make a small theatre from a cardboard box and use it for my puppets (I have done this actually). I'd love to help other kids get in touch with their creative side.

    4. Go Kinder. With this Five, I commit to do random acts of kindness. Whether it'd be helping a little boy find his lost football, to giving things I no longer need, to someone who does.

    5. Go Photographic. I love taking pictures. I do. With this Five, I pretend to photograph the beauty in the small things, and share them with everyone who wants them.

  3. To the founders of Living Your Five: This is a wonderful idea, ladies! I'm the optimistic sort and quite active in my pursuits to make life - both personally and in general for all - better, so seeing others paying it forward, giving back, taking the time to consider other people, places, and situations makes me very happy.

  4. So exciting to write up our own five! I don't really know if everything is considered fitting material for Living Your Five, but these are the areas I want to help do some good. Sorry for the length, I talk to much! LOL

    1. Be kind to the little guys - I love all animals, big and small. I do, however, have a little problem with bugs and insects. (Creepy crawlies!) But I thought to myself "No matter how tiny you are, you still feel death." Just because I don't like spiders or cockroaches, doesn't mean I have the right to kill them. Fear shouldn't be a justification for murder. So for this 'five' I want to help preserve and respect all forms of life - next time I see that horrendously huge spider I'll put it outside (well, get someone else to, I'm not brave enough to do it myself!). Donations to help animal rescue centres, volunteer at the RSPCA, things like that.

    2. Help the homeless - It breaks my heart when I think there there are hundreds, thousands of people in the world without shelter, warmth, food and safety. A few years ago I walked past a homeless man, I can remember him now so clearly and it really saddens me sometimes, I just wish I'd given him some money or something hot to eat. I want to help, whether that just be donating to local charities, volunteering where they serve hot soup or even giving a warm blanket to someone I see on the street.

    3. Green, Green, Green! - Something I think many of us are striving toward in this day and age. Live Green. I'm already doing little things to try and reduce my energy consumption and to recycle more, but I don't put in as much effort and thought as I should and would like to. I want to be more conscious of what I'm doing and using everyday. I leave the tv on even when not watching anything, I waste paper, I have the computer on way too long. Even a small step toward a greener planet can have a positive effect toward helping heal out beautiful Earth!

    4. Penpal for Prisoners - I really want to reach out and connect with those who've been locked away in detention centres, prisons, juvie and such. I realise that some people have done some terrible crimes, but this is the way I see it - when someone has a negative or depressing situation in their life, pushing it away and hiding from it doesn't help the person deal with it. They need to face it head on and heal it. Wouldn't the world be better if we healed, instead of hid these problems? Throwing a group of criminals in the same place, amongst others with similar thought patterns won't help them learn from their mistakes. I want to reach out and try to be a helping hand - whether that's just a warm and friendly letter of hope to someone who's all but lost the light within those darkened walls of a cell, I want to feed positive to the negative. Because I believe we all have a good soul, we just need a little encouragement, love and someone to help guide us in the right direction.

    5. Inspire Children - I have a huge soft spot for little kiddies. I really want to work in child care or child counselling some day. I want to inspire, motivate, encourage and give hope to those innocent and impressionable minds, especially at an age where they absorb everything. Earlier tonight, we had visitors and the boy, he's around 10 or 11, he always comes in my room and starts giving me a non-stop discussion on horror movies. I listen patiently and show my enthusiasm even though I'm not really a fan of Jason Voorhee's 332nd way to kill. He said to me that I'm "the only adult who understands him and listens" even though it's scary he called me an adult, that really made me feel good to know that he can come here and just be himself. Not be discouraged or told to 'shut up' (as some of his family do that). I want to be listening ears, bright-eager eyes, and helping hand to those who are our future.

  5. Thanks for sharing your Five, Thao! They're all wonderful (just like you)! Your #2 makes SUCH a good point. It's so easy to jump to conclusions, isn't it? Cheers to you for taking the time to consider all the angles. You are wise beyond your years. :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing your Five, Ella! I love how #3 and #5 both take things that you love and extend them out to bring joy to other people as well. That's a thing of beauty. :-) Good for you!

  7. So great to see you here, Little Willow! We have so much respect for readergirlz and everything you all do to make a difference. Cheers to you right back! :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing your Five, Brodie! And length is good - it means you've got lots of enthusiasm about your Five. That's always a positive thing. :-) Your #5 really got to me. Sometimes all a child needs is for someone to listen. Really listen. Kudos to you for recognizing that and doing something about it!

  9. You guys are awesome! Love your ideas! Brodie: I'd never even thought of penpal for prisoners, but that's an excellent Five!

    You guys are inspiring!


  10. What Kay said! These are all so wonderful. And I love reading about Fives that are way different than mine. Makes me step back and get perspective on things beyond my world. Thanks you guys!!!

  11. Wow, these fives are fantastic--I'm so inspired by you guys!!!

  12. My five:

    1. Literacy: Be involved in groups that work for literacy among both children and adults. (Got this one covered with my teen book club at the community center!)

    2.Eat less red meat. No, this one isn't just for me! Whether or not you're a vegetarian,(I'm not) the facts are the mass raising of cattle is NOT a green industry. So by eating less red meat I am helping save the rain forest and lessening pollution levels!

    3. Go out of my way to be nice to old people. Stop and chat, make their day. The elderly are often lonely. By offering a smile or a conversation while I'm out and about, I can make someone happy!

    4. Inspire curiosity in children. Make life interesting and make learning fun!

    5.Inspire women to be proactive in their lives!

    Great idea, guys!

  13. I love this! (Hope I'm not too late...)

    1. Continue to not eat meat (beef/pork/chicken/turkey) and limit my fish/eggs/dairy to rare occassions. Better for the animals, the environment, and me.

    2. Have the heart of a servant. In other words, just do it. Don't hesitate to help others when needed.

    3. Encourage others in my community to live green. With less convenient resources where I live, it takes a volunteer force to promote residents to use the small recycle center.

    4. Do what I can to promote literacy in my community. Read to my kids every day, listen to them read, and encourage their own storytelling abilities.

    5. Donate items to Goodwill instead of selling them on Ebay. I can aways use the money, but there are others who could use my throw-aways more who can't afford to buy them.

  14. Hello! I love this idea!!

    Here are my fives:

    1.Reduce and reuse: I learned through my own experiences of high waste that everyone can take the action of making a better, clean world. I reduced my home trash, reusing as much as I can. Unfortunately, we don't have recycling programs in the city where I live in Brasil, but we always can reduce and reuse many things at home. It works properly and I'm happy I took this decision.

    2.Literacy: On being a teacher, I feel proud to work to help people getting their citizens respect and own action in the world. I'm an affiliated in four different Literacy programs and already met lots of people that won freedom and respect on getting the right education.

    3.Go green: I made a big change in my family's health by adotped a veggie diet. Also, we replaced our artificial plants at home to green lively bulbs, herbs and spices, and that's made all the difference.

    4. Saving money: I found out that being on debts quite often is stressing and unecessary, so husband and I are paying our debts and living under the amount we really make every month. In this way, we can be more conscious about our expenses and save the money we need to get a healthier life.

    5.Donate: my husband and I are both teachers and so we have lots of books at home that we have already read. Since we are against sell books, we donate to schools where we know that children cannot afford a book. It's awesome to see that our loved books can help others to become great readers.

    Big hugs to all and congratulations on this great action!

  15. I had a really hard time limiting my "FIVE" to just 5! Anyone else have that problem??? After really studying it, I think I have it narrowed down.

    1. INSPIRE OTHERS. Whether it's the children I teach or the friends I have share my day with or perfect strangers, I think it's important to leave each person I encounter with a desire to do more for themselves and others. Good deeds breed generosity in others (as well as ourselves). I pledge to inspire others to do more, laugh more, and help others.

    2. OUT WITH DEBBIE DOWNER! No more pessimistic discussions with others will be allowed in my life. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the things that get us down, isn't it? I pledge to keep my outlook optimistic, and work to change others' outlooks to see the things they should be grateful to have, instead of focusing on the all the ways they believe they've been cheated in life.

    3. BE ALL YOU CAN BE. I'm living proof that "It's never too late to become what you might have been." (George Bernard Shaw). I will help others see the possibilities in their lives, regardless of their age! Just because you're an adult with children doesn't mean you can't reinvent yourself to become the person you really want to be! Settling is never an option.

    4. LOVE & GRATITUDE. When I meet people, I will open my heart to their life, their story. I will not pass judgment and I will never consider myself better than anyone else. Because I believe everyone we meet has a purpose in our life, I will shower them with love and gratitude and seek ways to inspire them.

    5. INTRODUCING THE GREEN GODDESS. I confess I have been a bad steward of this amazing world God gave us. I will pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all possible ways (and not just teach it to my students). I will practice what I preach!

    Thanks, ladies, for the chance to be an honorary FIVER!

    Lara Chapman

  16. Teri - So great to see more authors here! I know how important your #1 is to you--all the work you do with your book club is amazing--so I was delighted to see it was the first thing you listed on your Five. Can't wait to hear how you pursue your Five!

  17. Heather - Not too late at all! We're delighted to have you aboard as an Honorary Fiver. :-) Your #2 really struck a chord with me. When we're in a position to help others, "Just do it" is a wonderful philosophy. Please keep us posted on your Five progress!

  18. Rosangela - Welcome to Living Your Five! As an author, your #5 is music to my ears. :-) So many kids don't have access to books and every book we donate makes a difference. I also love that you're looking at debt because making an effort to reduce debt really forces us to look at wasteful spending... which often leads to looking at wastefulness of all kinds. That has huge implications not just for us but for the entire world. Cheers to you!

  19. Lara - I definitely had that problem! Isn't it wonderful to have so many things you're passionate about making a difference in? :-) That George Bernard Shaw quote is one of my all-time favorites. I love that you're using it as inspiration for one of your Five!

  20. IF I was honorary last year - do I keep my status for 2010 or do I have to be inducted agian :)

  21. Sorry I missed this, Shelli! Once an Honorary Fiver, always an Honorary Fiver. :-) But please let us know if you're tweaking your Five for the new year so we can cheer your shiny new Five!