Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing our Five . . . with YA author Alyson Noel

When Kay Cassidy first approached me to take part in Living Your Five, my first thought was:

Wow, what a great idea!

My second was:

Too bad there’s no way I can fit it in.

But then I realized that’s the whole point.

Most of us are living insanely busy, over scheduled lives, and yet, most of us still have the desire to make a difference in some small way. And that’s what this initiative, this new web community, is all about. Finding ways to do-good, to pay it forward, to lift another, to live more consciously, to help the earth, help animals, help others, whatever you chose—without having to drastically rearrange your life or drop your prior commitments.

So, after I e-mailed my acceptance, I started thinking about what my own personal five might be. Just what I could possibly contribute, primarily from home, (since I’m on an extremely tight deadline schedule that allows little time away from my desk), that might make a positive impact?

And after taking a look around, really taking stock, I came up with these:

1. I, Alyson Noël, do hereby commit to frequent, yet random, acts of kindness. Okay, so maybe this one is a little undefined, a little broad in scope, but that’s just how I like it. Leaving it open like this means it can be anything from picking up something someone dropped, to paying for a stranger’s drink order at Starbucks. All I can say for sure is that I’ll be sure to keep track so I can post them all here!

2. I will also commit to random acts of charity. Yeah, I know, vague much? But while random acts of charity can be similar to the acts of kindness listed above, they can also be in the forms of donations, time, money, stuff--we'll see what transpires!

3. Every time I buy something new, like clothes, books, shoes, and/or purses—my usual vices—I will donate something similar to a person, place, or organization that needs it. This one, I can’t wait to get started on!

4. I will also commit to whatever acts I can to live greener and help lessen and/or offset my environmental footprint. Not sure what your footprint is? Take the quiz HERE. It's amazing what a difference a few small steps can make!

5. And while this may be the last item on the list, it’s actually one that’s hugely important to me, so here goes: I Alyson Noël do hereby promise to firmly commit to positivity, to keeping all of my communications to a no snarking/no ranting zone, and will happily post about what’s going right in the world, since I think we’re all too well aware of what’s going wrong. By doing this, I’m really, really hoping that I can convince at least one, maybe two, even three, others to follow suit. Because the truth is, I’m often saddened by the Internet. Saddened by how a tool that holds so much potential to bring us all together, more often degrades into an acid tongued snark fest instead. I’m saddened by the amount of energy so many people put into such rampant negativity. I’m saddened that we’re living in a world where the well-timed insult reigns supreme. Yes, there are shows I don’t like, celebrities I don’t care for, books that left me feeling bleh—but so what? Who cares? Those are just my opinions—it doesn’t make them facts. Why invest all of that time and energy into something you claim to hate? Why tear someone down, when you can lift someone up instead? Seriously? Why even go there? Anytime I’m even tempted to do this, I think of this line by Deepak Chopra: “The cheapest way to feel good about yourself is by feeling superior to others.” And I’m always stopped dead in my tracks. Calling someone ugly won’t make you pretty—declaring someone stupid won’t make you smarter—tagging someone as a no-talent won’t make you gifted—but stopping to take the time to say something nice, never, ever fails to put you and your subject in a flattering light. We can do this—all of us--one positive step at a time!

So there you go, that's my Five. What about you--are you ready to Live Your Five?

Leave a comment below for your chance to win a signed copy of my latest novel, BLUE MOON! The winner will be announced on Saturday, along with the launch week grand prize winner!

And stay tuned for Becca's Five tomorrow. . .

Happy world changing!


  1. I think that's awesome you are doing the Living your five committment. I'll join in by giving you mine...
    1/ Find one good thing about everyone you come in contact with, and complement them on it- I bet they aren't used to getting many compliments, and i mean character attribute, not looks.
    2/ Do i act of kindness a day, to someone who you wouldn't ordinarily do it to, and make it anonymous- it's funner that way.
    3/ Try to go a whole day without thinking one negative thought, only good thoughts about everyone and everything.
    4/Find 1 person in your sphere of friends/ co workers etc who is in need of something, and go about discreetly trying to help, without making it obvious--whether it be being a friendly face, or an encouraging shoulder to lean on.
    5/ Keep a thankfulness journal, and write all the things you are grateful for, everyday. You'll be surprised in the little miracles in your life.
    I'm going to committ to these and see what happens.
    You can find me on Twitter, under Montanamh...

  2. That is such an amazing five. I especially love the first two--sometimes kindness is random rather than planned.

  3. Hi, Alyson!

    I wholeheartedly agree in being more positive. A lot of us just focus on the negative aspect of things and that makes it worse.

  4. Oh my god! I was taking the footprint quiz and wow.. I don't know it was that bad!

  5. I really liked your five because they were things that were just vague enough that we can all do with out having to totally change our lives!

  6. Hello, Alyson!

    D. D. Scott here!

    Fabulous Five you've got there!

    I can so relate to you in your following Deepak Chopra's guidance. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak this past Fall, and the man is simply amazing. He always makes me see the positive light and love in my soul and the world around me. And helps me let go of the negative.

    And as far as your third to others when you receive...I learned a fabulous technique from a friend a few years back and have implemented the idea in my life w/much's the scoop:

    Every time you receive a monetary gift (say $50 in a birthday card), split that into three money jars. One jar for yourself to spend as you wish, one jar as a rainy day savings and one jar to give to whatever causes touch your heart.

    The person who gave me this approach advised doing this w/your children too to teach them to save money and help others vs. spending everything on their own desires and whims. Oh...and let the kids pick who to give their monetary gifts to.

    Fun stuff and soul nurturing too!

    Sexy, Sassy, Smart Living Your Five Wishes --- D. D. Scott

  7. yet another insanely inspiring post.
    reading this just put me in such a good mood.
    usually in the morning i'm an absolute monster.
    but right now i feel awesome.
    thanks to you! :D

    runningforamsterdam @ hotmail . com

  8. Love your five! I may even use your first 4 for some of mine. Errr, can we have six?


  9. What an awesome new web community!!! I love all the authors and I signed up to follow your blog.

  10. very intresting

    My five
    1. Have more patience with people

    2. Comment more helpful comments on the Internet.

    3. Volunteer more because I usually just donate money now instead of giving my time.

    4. Listen to people who need someone to hear them.

    5. Protect people more.

  11. This is such a great site. I love the idea to commit to positivity. Thanks!

  12. Squeeeeeeeee! I loved that. It was a great read :)


  13. Wonderful lsit of five you have! I especially love your last one, I couldn't agree more with the need to spread more positivity in the world. I'm a believer in the law of attraction - what you put out, you get back. If you spread the positive vibes, say something nice about someone, commit a selfless act, the universe will send those positive energies back to you. Life is so much better when we focus on the light rather than the dark.

    I haven't yet figured out my five, but I'm certainly going to apply your five to my life aswell as Kay's! Loving this blog :)


  14. Wow. To be snark free. I so love this! I am considering my FIVE, and I believe it will include being frustration-free. ;)

    diane_j_holmes @

  15. Another set of inspiring 5! Who couldn't use more positivity in their lives? I know I could! Can't wait to finally come up with my 5 :o) You ladies rock!


  16. Love your five alyson!!!
    We should all take to practicing these kind of acts. Making it a lifestyle and not just something we do every once in awhile. Blessing people is a blessing for ourselves, though we may never see the end result we will live life each day knowing that we made a diffence even if all we did was smile or took the time to listen. Thanks so much Alyson !!!

    Love Evermore and Blue Moon!!!!
    Samanth Vaughan

  17. Great, great stuff, Alyson. Came at just the right time in my life. Really inspirational...

  18. Wow I love your ideas and I'm so excited you're a part of this! I think number 3 is really admirable and it would take a lot for me to be able to do that but I think I'll give it a shot!

  19. Alyson I love your list! Espically giving to others. Just the other day I donated some old books to the library because I wanted to give back to our local library. I'll try to get better on doing more things like that, also.

  20. Bravo! Now you've finally convinced me to LIVE MY FIVE!

    1. Patience is learned. I need to study and practice more.

    2. A greener planet IS something everyone should put in their FIVE. We need to be able to keep FIVERS posting FIVES forever, right? So why not start now, by making sure our planet will be happy and healthy enough?!!

    3. Mediation and Yoga. This is a personal suggestion to myself because I truly believe I need it, (and I think it will help with my patience!) and that if I can take even FIVE minutes a day to do breathing and my life, may nuetral out into a more even flow!

    4. Make a difference in my child's life. Yes. We all want to make a difference in someone's life, especially our child if we have are lucky enough to have one or two or three....I want to make my child's eyes open wide on more than the rare occassion. I want to teach him; peace, love, happiness, kindness, etc...

    5. Finally. I've saved a debatable one for last. I say debatable because it seems to me as a personal quest...but that's LIFE, right? READ & WRITE. KEEP READING & WRITING. As an unpublished author in love with reading and writing and sending the daily query letter, I will NOT give up. This is one of my dreams. I'm doing it for my family, my friends, my son, myself and for YOU!

    So, that's my FIVE! Thanks for letting me do so! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!


  21. HI ALYSON!!!!

    I know this might sound cliche-ish or tacky, whichever, but I personally think you have inspired me to write my own story/novel. Since the beginning of this summer, my best friend and I would read as many books as we could together and try to find even more! It's been very crazy here. By far, Evermore AND Blue Moon have been our favorites..we both (almost) cried at the end of Blue Moon and when we realized the 3rd wasn't out yet. :) Compliments to you!

    So, once we read your fantastic series, we decided that we should write our own books. Instead of searching for new literature, we now search for new ideas for OUR books. Bouncing ideas off eachother via text message, instead of talking about the latest gossip. Its surreal. I'm hand writing it in my journal and nearing page 100!

    And NOW that you're doing the fives, I've decided to make my own life better. Before, I'd just throw away my scrap paper or empty water bottles. Now, I have my whole family in on making everything more eco-friendly.

    Alyson, you are an inspiration to everyone, and I love what you do. Keep up the wicked awesome work!!

    Julie, 15

  22. What fabulous wisdom. The world would be such a better place if we spent more time thinking of others, rather than ourselves.

    Through random acts, kind words, thoughtful gifts, intentionally putting ourselves last instead of first.

    Not only that but if we do these things without any expectation of reward can we really benefit from the sacrifice.

    Thank you for sharing!


  23. Hello!!
    This is so good, is great that you´re doing this, in order to have a better place to live. Im specially excited about number 3, I think is something I can and should do.
    This is awesome!!


  24. Love # 2. I don't think I could do that though. :( Sad, I know!

    Don't enter me PLEASE! I already have Blue Moon and I do not want another one..... :(

  25. I haven't figured out my five yet. I'm working on them. I love your #5. I'm a big believer that what you put out into the world comes back to you. If you put out postive energy and do positive things it makes the world better. Even if it's better for just one person at a time.

  26. Hi Alyson,
    Your FIVE are inspiring and making a positive change with every person who reads them. They've already helped me clarify what my FIVE are going to be. Being positive and helping others is the only way to be truly happy, and you make others happy in the process. Thanks for the inspiration, and starting my day in a positive frame of mind. I will commit a random act of kindness today in your honor!
    All the best always!
    Elizabeth Fais

  27. your five are fantastic and it helps to give us all a place to start. we all need a spark or a jumping off ponint. it's great how your ideas also leave you room to manuver around your schedule. p.s. got blue moon and couldn't put it down devoured it in one night. thanks for all you do

  28. "Calling someone ugly won’t make you pretty—declaring someone stupid won’t make you smarter—tagging someone as a no-talent won’t make you gifted—but stopping to take the time to say something nice, never, ever fails to put you and your subject in a flattering light."

    What awesome words, Alyson! Love your books.. love your five! Keep rockin!

  29. I agree with all five, the last one especially. There really is too much negative stuff on the internet. Focusing on the positive is a really good thing!

  30. I'm not sure what my five will be; there ar so many things I want to do so I'll just take it a step at a time and start at home, cos you know, that's where charity starts and the heart is at. ;)

  31. I love your five's! It's things everyone can do.. even though I might have some troubles with the last one! haha


  32. I think it's great that you're taking time out of your schedule to participate in Living Your Five. I also thought it was great that you pointed out that talking about other people's faults won't make yours disappear. I've heard my fair share of girls talking about how stupid/ugly/etc other girls are in hopes of making themselves feel better about themselves.

  33. I tried to pick a favorite of your 5 but I love them all! This is such a fabulous idea. I'm still working on mine but I'll get them soon :)

  34. I <3 your 5's...My favorite was the commitment to live greener. There are many ways each individual person can reduce their impact on the earth. We just have to put some effort into trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle…

    Hope everyone has a good week:)

  35. You know the saying, its the little things that count? Well your 5 just reminded me of that and it is true. Your 5's arent donating tons of money or anything drastic but hey, those little nice gestures might really make someones day and keeping a positive outlook on life will brighten up everyones day around you. So keep up the good work and God bless!!!

  36. Wonderful list and truly inspiring! I know many people, myself included, feel this is a great way to make a difference. My five would be...

    1) To never hold a grudge, you never know how little time you have left with someone.
    2) To always be thankful for what I have and to not be wasteful, someone always has it worse off than me.
    3) Kindness and sincerity makes the world go round so to be kind to those I care about and those I don't. One act of kindness can change a person's life.
    4) Be grateful for those in my life, you don't have to have a lot of money to be a rich person. If your surrounded by those who care about you and who you care about in return, you are extremely well off.
    5) Last but not least, the three r's. Reduce, recycle and reuse. Don't waste!!!

    I feel better just by writing that! Not it's time to take action!

    -Sherry S.

  37. AWESOME! I had never heard of this before and, once again, thanks to one of my favorite authors, I have found a new site. I would love to win a signed copy of Blue Moon. I just finished it two nights ago and what a cliff hanger! I love it! Can't wait for the new one!
    Ashley Logan

  38. People in our society need to slow down and take a step back to look at the lives they live. Most people barely have timeto breathe between sentences, let alone, add extra activities into their schedules. Unfortunely, many people see the random acts of kindness as another activity instead of as a way to make the world go round. I remember in my freshman year of high school, I had a teacher who taught us to write down 1 random act of kindness everyday to help to remember why we do it. Not only will it make us feel better about ourselves but others, as well.

    I will join in your Living your Five!

    1.To take the time to assess the situation before jumping to an conclusion.
    **I work in a customer service postion, at time customers can be darn right rude and it's only normal to take offense to it. I think if I take 10 secs before answering I will make my day and the customers day a lot better***

    2.Take the time to help people in need.
    **Not Necessarily the ones that are old but people who can't open the door for themselves or who have their hands full***

    3. Share what I love most with others who can't do the same things.
    **I love to read to people. Weither it be older people who can't see, younger people who can't read, or just anyone who would rather listen then read themselves**

    4.Donate anything I can.
    **whether it be time, clothes, or money. I would love to be a part of making a better future for ourselves and families!**

    5. Finish my education.
    ** I say this because it helps to have some type of education behind what one fights for in life. Whether it be for the environment, family, or just people.**

    I hope everyone gets involved in this Living the Five committment. It will help people to strive to do larger and virtuous things in the future!

  39. this is such a great idea!


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  41. I love how you are helping the community!

  42. MelodyJM/Is Me! Is PENGUIN!August 26, 2009 at 6:27 PM

    See I have this thing...I want to recycle, I read Generation Green and everything. However the truth is I can't! Now I know your wondering how it is that I can't recycle! SO let me tell you. We live at the end of a street,and we are supposed to have recycling...however the men that come to recycle can't be bothered to do there job! Because they figure well it's the end of the street no one REALLY cares...we'll just leave it for the trashman. If we were to make a complaint that probably wouldn't work either, as by the time the complaint took effect we would gut new guys who will of course do the same thing! And we can't actually take our own recylcing up because that is just too much work to be putting onto me parents.
    I really wish I could recycle though!,
    MelodyJM/Is Me! Is PENGUIN!

  43. Hi :)
    Thanks for the great blog post.
    And for revealing what the Five was.
    I like the idea.
    I already do random acts of kindness (I put quarters in all the candy machines at the mall the other day so when a child tries the turn knob, viola! :)
    I also try to be uplifting all the time too.
    Too broke for the charity thing though. Although I always get a toy for Christmas Cheer.
    I'll have to think of another 3 things to add for my five.
    All the best,

  44. Ok, I loved this idea..... already do random acts of kindness (I put quarters in all the candy machines at the mall the other day so when a child tries the turn knob, viola! :)


  45. What a great post! I love your idea of random acts of kindness. I try to do this as often as possible. You would be amazed at how many people are really surprised by a kind act. Keep up the good work!

  46. What a great idea!!! I love your Five Alyson! My favorite is number three because that is something I do in my life. I work with the homeless population and have the opportunity to see my donations truly make a difference in my clients' lives. I loved Evermore and Blue Moon and can't wait for the rest of the series!

  47. Hey Everyone-

    I just wanted to thank all of you for your enthusiasm, great ideas, and for sharing your own fives! This is exactly the kind of community we were hoping for and I'm thrilled to see it coming together!

    I've gotten so many good ideas from your posts today--so THANK YOU--THANK YOU for inspiring me!


  48. WOW!!! I am absolutely, 100% so excited that I stumbled upon this site! The path that led me here is too long to explain but I love what this site is about!
    Ok my five...

    1. Give more period. Give myself more freely to my family and friends. Give to charity, give spontaneously, give generously, just give more across the board. Stop letting myself be of such a hoarding mind-frame and focus on what is truly important and what I can give to others to make them feel as blessed as I am.

    2. BE REAL. Realize that my negative, snarky comments are not only posioning me, but everyone around me. My words are a reflection of the person I am so I need to be more mindful of what comes out of my mouth. As Mother always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

    3. EMBRACE IMPERFECTION! Stop focusing so much on how others do things and how well/fast they do them; be content with my own accomplishments, my pace at achievement, and my triumphs along the way.

    4. BE PRESENT! Savor the moment, stop dwelling on the past, and quit worrying about the future. As the master in Kung Fu Panda said, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."

    5. Love openly and unconditionally. Free myself of preconceived beliefs/notions and let myself be more aware of what or who is in front of me. Live life with eyes wide open.


  49. I love the random acts of kindness idea. I really do want to start doing random acts. I mostly just flip pennies over so other people can have good luck haha I'm gonna go take the footprint quiz now!

  50. Hello Alyson,

    i really love your five, i just recently started junior high school, and while it is hard and there are a lot of teenage snobs at my school, i hope to follow your five through out the year

  51. Hi Alyson!

    I love how you made your five something that you can do even with limited time on your hands. I'll have the same issue this year, I'm sure, being a senior in high school, but I still want to try to do my part to help people and the world as well. I especially like the "rant-free" and random acts of kindness parts. These are things we can all do in minutes that make so much of a difference. Thanks for sharing your five with us!


  52. I love your how your five were something everyone could do if they want to put the effort forward =)

  53. Great five Alyson! I'm also trying to be more "green" - which means dragging my recycling over to my mom's house. Keep it up!

  54. Wow! I have to write this before going back to read the other comments:
    I have been feeling the need for a number 5 in my own life _ think that might be going on my list. It is so easy to fall into the negativity trap too especially where I work. I've taken to staying in my office to avoid it but maybe I can verbally offset it on my way to overcoming it!

    Thanks Alyson!

  55. Awsome five Alyson!!! I liked all ur fives. Very inspiring!!

    Hope i win ur book!!
    Are the books signed by the author????

  56. This is so great! What an awesome idea and way to lead the way - all of you who are doing this! I can not even tell you how close to home this is for me...

  57. Super 5 Alyson!

    Your 5th one - positivity - is on my list too.


  58. Wow that was nice to read I never heard of Living your 5. Positivity is very important for growth in everyone. Maybe I should start a list it.

    Hope to hear from you!!!

  59. I really love your Five. Even though they sound somehow simple, not like everyone cares enough to do those. The fifth one had me think a lot.

  60. Great 5! I pass on my belongings on when I buy new too! It really is a great feeling!

  61. Fantastic 5 Alyson! I love #4. I think we all need to live greener. I mean the earth's the only home we have, right? It's amazing how small steps can lead to a big difference.

  62. I love #3! It's a great way to help others while also making sure you never have too much stuff and the house gets cluttered! I'd to it but... ack, I hate to part with anything. :P Pack rat, right here.

    - Alex

  63. I'm loving the random acts of kindness idea. I think it's such a great idea to do something within your means for someone else. It's awesome!

    Good luck with your five!

  64. I try to make the conscious effort to buy recycled items or ones that leve less of an imprint on the enviroment. I am trying to get the business I am employed at to add a new recycle service to their current rotation through

    And the post of positivity...great thought! After all, attitudes and actions are contagious!

    I love the idea behind this project! Thanks for sharing all the positive steps we can take to make a difference!


  65. You really chose some awesome fives. Ya'll have really inspired me to do better and I appreciate that. :D


  66. I LOVE your Five, Alyson! And truly, you already embody #5. You're a great example of how good things really do happen to good people. :-) Go Fivers!

  67. Love your five- especially the first 2! It is inspiring to me, to become a better person.

  68. I really like your #3..I think I am going to try to do that in my life!


  69. Oh man, all of these things are totally awesome. I love the #3 the best!

  70. I'm a big fan of random acts of kindness.


  71. I think that Living your Five is great. And if everyone in the world chose five things to do to help the world, it would be a much better place. It really makes sense when people say everyone can make a difference, because its true. Donating five dollars to a charity can help someone. I agree with your five, and the others too. And I think that being vague is better. Instead of saying I will be kind by helping my sister with her homework or something, you can do anything and evertyhing to be kind. It leaves the door wide open. One thing that would definitely be in my five would be helping the older people. My grandpa is 92, and he gets really lonely sometimes. He loves when someone comes and talks to him and I love listening to his stories. And there are so many people in nursing homes that don't have really any family to visit them. I love going there an talking to people and seeing how happy they get. So I'm not sure what would be in my five, but that is definitely one thing. And I really love your number three. I would definitely try to do that.

  72. I really like the idea that if you buy something new, you'll share the happiness by giving something to someone else. This will lead to good karma! xD And that's true about the snark fest-we waste so much time being negative, draining our energy when we could do (or say) something better.

  73. Alyson, you're awesome. I think I like yours the best. I know exactly how important it is to make someone else feel good about themselves. Whenever I tell someone that they look pretty or even laughed at one of their jokes, I feel better about my self. But I have never ever felt better about myself after putting someone down. So anyway, you're great. Good luck on writting and making the world a better place!
    much love, Brittney

  74. Alyson, I've been making an effort to do something similar to your 1st - random acts of kindness. Basically I am trying to make myself not hold in the good comments. So when I see someone with cute shoes, I tell them. When someone talks positively a co-worker when they aren't around, I pass it on. Spread the good!
    neohippy10 hotmail

  75. I need to be kinder to other, patient with frustrating people, stop buying more than what I need and try heading to church once in a blue moon.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  76. hi alyson!!!!

    im a HUGE fan!!!! i think i"ve read, all of your books.. except a few.. im not sure! haha. well i would like to give you my 5! here we go:

    1) one thing im notorious for, is WAISTING FOOD!!!! like last night, i had smoothie, and didnt drink 1/5 of the thingy... haha. So i hereby Lizzye Bushong, am REALLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY gonna try! ;) does giving the leftovers of frenchfries to your dog count??? jk.

    2)One thingy i sometimes have trouble with is comparing my self to other people... its bad i know. I will look at someone, and say to myself.."wow.. they are gorgeous!" and it kinda makes me feel crappy... but i will commit myself.. To NOT compare myself to other people... because im putting MYSELF down.. and that just gives off bad energy.

    3) middle school is HARD! i know it sister!!! there is always the "IN" or the "OUT" crowd... im probly a combo of both... but i always hate it when others make fun of other people... sometimes my friends do, and it just gets on my NERVES! i know im not good either... but i promise, that i will reach out and help others, hence not putting myself down and taking them with m. :)

    4) im a vegetarian.. except i still love seafood. salmon.. is just TOO hard to get rid of!!! but i promsie i will not take those poor innocent animals lives (i sound really corny and spiritual... but i making state people). vegi people... keep on truckin! haha :D

    5)my final thing that i will do or try rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallly try hard to HOPEFULLY do.. is (drum roll please), is to unplug all the random house hold objects that really dont need to be plugged in constantly as in: cell phone charger, straightner, hairdryer, radio, lava lamp (lol), other lamps, toaster, coffee maker.. EXC! :)

    thanks alyson! :)


  77. 1)No one should judge anyone by their looks or by the people who surround them, yet that happens very often. A public speaker once came to our school and said "It's really hard to judge someone or dislike them once you truly know the problems ther face, like their parents divorcing...." I will try to truly understand them before I judge them.

    2)Everyone has their own special trait(s), and complimenting them on it will make their day.

    3)Every day, people walk by countless pieces of trash. My goal is to pick up just ONE piece (at least) every day, and to tell my friend about it. It's not that hard to bend down and pick up a piece of trash...

    4)Every one loves being beautiful or pretty right? Well, instead of using those chemically made facial masks, foot soaks, and lip balms, I'm going to teach my friends some recipes on how to make organic products using household items. Therefore, they can spread the word around! NOt only would it be enviromentally (insert word that fits sentence here), it would also be fun! :)

    5) NO one concentrates on the good things in life anymore. I just had my first day of high school. My friends said "Oh my god. My first day was sooooo awful. We already had homework in a class!" Another friend would say " I no, but i have waaaaay more homework. I have it in 4 of my classes." It's like they are trying to make their day sound bad, and I dont truly understand why! (I'm also like this, focusing on negative points)Is it to gain sympathy? Anyhoo, the point is, I'm going to try to focus on the bright side of life more often, and tell about the highlights of my day onstead.


  78. Shawna Lewis

    Positive thinking you go GIRLS!!!!!

    Thanks for this chance to win this win this book!!

  79. Congrats on your 5's Alyson!

    I took the footprint test, and was quite surprise to see how much I'm consuming (even though the test said I'm living an ecologically concious life), because just my carbon footprint is lower than the average in my country.

    juiceb0xx at hotmail dot com

  80. you soooooo need to make more books for the immortals i still need blue moon but i was addicted to evermore

  81. Yowzuh. I am so impressed with this site, and the concept. The one that really grabbed me is Allison's #5... about posting positively... I've been trying to muddle thru Facebook and Twitter and some of the negativity I run across almost has chased me into the night screaming!

    You ladies give me hope! THANK YOU

    Leahsandra Powell - author

  82. I really like your Five, Alyson. And Number Five, especially, really hits home. I actually had to withdraw from the internet for awhile just to get my head straight, because I realized the negativity online was actually affecting my ability to write. It's amazed me how much better I've felt without it, but also prompted me to remember how much even a little negativity, a little snarkiness, can impact others.

    I had already promised myself to do everything in my power to contribute only positive energy to the online community (and everywhere else), and your Number Five just reaffirmed it all over again.

    Thank you! And I like the rest of them, too!